CELEBRATE GAY WRATH WEEK: Andrew Sullivan is calling for gay priests to “come out” to their parishioners (scroll down). Presumably he means only priests who disagree with the Church’s teaching on homosexual acts. Those are, after all, the priests most likely to follow his advice. (Though he notes that pretty much none of his gay ordained correspondents actually plan on revealing their orientation.) Similarly, I don’t think this reader was talking about members of Courage when he spoke of courage: “As a gay layman who serves as a Catholic school principal, I also feel the same way at times since I know with certainty how many fine gay priests there are! Yet I wonder sometimes if I would have the courage to ‘come out’ beyond the small circle of friends that know about me. What a tremendous amount of courage would be needed; perhaps we gay Catholic leaders are at a moment in our history which DEMANDS such courage?”

Well, hello, here’s one queer Catholic’s opinion: People who expect the Church to change her teaching on homosexual acts have no ground to stand on. Decide whether you’re more certain that Jesus, the Son of God, founded the Catholic Church upon the rock of St. Peter, and that what the Church teaches is true; or that it’s okay to shtup members of your own sex. I made my decision. Somehow, it did not make me hopeless, or helpless, or hideously twisted due to emotional repression, or whatever. It makes me think un-Christian things when people presume to speak for me, or “advocate for me” as they say.

Remember, every time Andrew Sullivan implies that he speaks for all gay/bisexual Catholics, God kills a kitten

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