CRIMSON BLOGGER ON RED CHINA: Glenn Kinen did some trawling in the PRC’s People’s Daily, and you can read the results–though I suspect the headlines are the best part (“USA is one five hundred pound heavy big orangutans”). He also rightly deplores honey sanctions, though he implies that “globalization” boosters have been silent about the need for the US to practice free trade. That’s true in Congress (uh, where it matters), but in think’n’write-land, pretty much everyone who pushes free trade pushes it for thee as well as for me.

Anyway, he (and others who wonder “why the h— we’re subsidizing food”) might be interested in The Farm Dole, my infrequently-updated (sorry) anti-farm-subsidies site.

And I’ll refrain from the usual Harvard-bashing. Boola.

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