YOU MAY NOT BE A CONSERVATIVE ANYMORE IF… A response from Pigs and Fishes. I gotta say, many of these seem like nit-picks or point-scoring to me; my list was an attempt to get at big basic issues. For the record, I didn’t support the Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore, but it’s a lot more complicated than you’d expect. I don’t know jack about deficit spending, didn’t follow the Elian Gonzalez case closely but find P&F;’s characterization willfully dismissive to the point of silliness, disagreed w/Ashcroft’s assisted-suicide decision, have a lot to say about democracy that nobody wants to hear!, think the War on Drugs does not adhere to conservative principles, and don’t see why conservatives should take an inaccurate view of Southern history.

That said, I think the P&F; idea is interesting, and if people want to do other lists I’ll read and link ’em.

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