People out on the streets, they don’t know who I am

I watch blogs from my room, they are just passing by

I’m not just anyone, said I’m not just anyone…

Don’t Be A Shamed: Why are there no black Senators? and, Civil rights movement boycotts Cincinnati; Cincy shrugs. Shamed should check out this fine article on the Cincinnati “race” riots.

Happy Fun Pundit: Very funny post about missing the Beam-bash boat; and he even gets in a good anti-Beamian point that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Glenn Kinen: Lots of Israel/Palestine/Jew-hating in the Arab world stuff.

Onealism: “Courtesy Catechism“; dogs should become conscience-stricken, but they should not become cats; and oh yeah, cool sermons and whatnot.

Sursum Corda: More good stuff on why the flesh is not a prison; Have you thanked your priest today?

For some reason, Emily Stimpson won’t let you link to individual posts. So to read her good points on priestly celibacy, you’ll have to scroll down to her April 3 posts.

Amy Welborn also takes on celibacy, with a terrific post from a guest-blogger. She’s also got responses to her mountains of FoxNews-inspired mail.

The Yale Daily News: Every year or so, the YDN runs a column bewailing the lack of intellectual discussion at Yale. This is the best one I’ve read so far. Merriman identifies many of the reasons for intellectual apathy: relativism, multiculturalism/empathy-politics, and the whole “gentleman’s C” mentality that ignores differences in order to get along rather than risking sharp disagreement. I had a completely different experience–but I got lucky one night, when a friend told me that some right-wing freaks were hosting a debate and serving free drinks. I feel sorry for people who never found something like that.

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