And so I watched one, it became four…

And when I fell on the floor, I watched more.

Stop me, oh stop me if you think that you’ve watched this blog before…

OK, I have a lot of work this week so don’t expect much. I promise to have another authority-and-Catholics-and-sex-and-the-Pope type thing up by Monday, for people who can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff. And I’ll try to have other fun stuff for you in the meanwhile. Until then, why don’t you check out these swell folks?

The Edge of England’s Sword: Collapse of Britain Watch; EU proposes law banning Jonah Goldberg’s Bastille Day columns; unpopular monarchs of history.

The HokiePundit: Civil War history, with some information I did not know concerning the backgrounds and actions of the top generals on both sides.

Diana Hsieh: Stop and smell the cherry blossoms–but don’t take photos.

Junius: The French have sent 1,100 extra police to protect synagogues. (Via England’s Sword.)

Glenn Kinen: The four people who read this site and not InstaPundit should check out Kinen’s excellent post on the European origins of Arab anti-Semitism.

Charles Murtaugh: A long, valuable piece on problems with adult stem cells. Challenges Michael Fumento’s NRO piece.

Sursum Corda: Gay/dissenting priests aren’t the problem. (I think this is naive, for the reasons Maggie Gallagher gives, and because SC seems to operate under the assumption that it’s unusual for men to be attracted to adolescents. Some of these men may be sick. Most are not. Men like teenagers; this is news? If you give men authority over teens and their parents, extended private time with teens, stringent sexual morality amid a sexually insane society, and no guidance as to why the Church requires them to restrain their appetites–well, you shouldn’t be surprised when priests abuse teens. However, SC makes some very good points about good gay priests, crusading anti-abuse dissenting Catholics, and the Church’s need for openness rather than secrecy.) And two fantastic posts on the resurrection of the body and the Pope’s physical frailty.

Veritas: New Catholic blog. Not liberal, not conservative, but Catholic; be like Aquinas–accept truth even when spoken by your enemies; excellent post on the Gospels, the ordination of women (he’s agin’ it), and the priesthood of all believers.

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