YOU MAY BLOG TOO MUCH IF… I’m in a list-making mood. So here’s a preliminary list of blogorrhea symptoms. Send any suggestions to…

* You use the word “Pundit” as a suffix (MuslimPundit, PejmanPundit, VodkaPundit, QuasiPundit…)

* You compulsively try to fit the words “blog watch” into pop songs–“Now I wanna watch your blog!”, “Gonna watch that blog right outta my hair,” “Blog Watch the Queen! The fascist regime…”, “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watchin’ the blogs slip away…”, “Girls, girls just wanna watch blogs…”

* You think it might be fun to stop by Knoxville next time you’re on the road.

* You know that “Rate Your Music” doesn’t just rate music, and bloggery is not one of the traditions of the British Navy.

* The Professor is not a character on “Gilligan’s Island,” Charles Dodgson is not Lewis Carroll, and Jane Galt is not a transsexual ubermensch.

* You are an Augustinian Wonderboy.

* You have been waiting for months to use the heading, “ARE THERE LILEKS TREES IN THE HEART OF TOWN (ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE?)” –Of course, this could just be me.

* You can name at least two sets of husband-and-wife bloggers.

* You can name bloggers on six continents. (No, I couldn’t do that without a Google search.)

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