When I met you in the restaurant

You could tell I was no debutante

You asked me what’s my pleasure; “A movie or a measure”?

I’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of blogwatching

Blogwatching’s free…

Mike Hardy: Another gay Catholic of the Blogosphere. If you’re looking for a, uh, different perspective from mine.

Pigs and Fishes: Valid criticism of that violence-by-abortion-proponents article I linked yesterday. My basic reason for linking the article was that it was what had prompted me to dig up all those other links, which are basically archives of the lousy record of legal, but not safe, abortion. What P&F; says about the original article is largely accurate. Nonetheless, go read those other links. If you’ve got a strong stomach. (Scroll down to “MINIBLOGWATCH.”)

Mark Shea: Wickedness in the Church. A very good post.

Emily Stimpson: Good news on the bishops’ child abuse task force; more on priestesses and the Church’s lack of same (although I don’t get the “only a man can be the image of Christ as Bridegroom”–when a male communicant receives the Eucharist, isn’t he acting as the image of the Church, the Bride? Am I totally off base here? [Probably.] I find the “Christ was a man for a reason” argument more persuasive, but this whole Bridegroom/Bride thing throws me off a bit); yet more on priestesses, from a different and interesting angle; a really good post, still about priestesses; and a final post on the history of celibacy. Plus other good stuff.

Do I get to be the first Catholic blogger to point out that Touchstone Magazine has a blog?

Amy Welborn: Awesome, awesome reader email summing up why wack liturgy is so very wrong.

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