MINIBLOGWATCH: Can’t post now–got much else to do today–but I’m worried that my computer will crash if I don’t close some of these windows. Later today you’ll get a) What’s Up With the Ivy League? Are They Just Nuts?; b) language as poetry; a bigger blogwatch, including a very brief reply to Brink Lindsey; and whatever else crosses my mind. For now, check out these folks, why don’t you.

Don’t Be A Shamed: Gallows humor–nicknames for the pipe-bomber.

Another One Rides The Bus: De Feo has a blog. I fear where this will lead us.

Anecdotes of violence by abortionists and abortion proponents. If you want to cry at work, go here, here, here, here, here, or here. (The first link via E-Pression.)

And two basic, quick articles from NRO on how the right helps the poor/how the left hurts them: Globalization and Peter Bauer.

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