IN THE BAG II: I’m not going to do any more of these, but I thought it’d be neat to do “in the bag” two days in a row to illustrate how much my answers change from day to day. I’ve also changed the categories to better reflect what I actually know about (no ballet for me!) and have added “runners-up” even though I know that’s, technically, cheating.

So, if the Desert Island Goon Squad were bashing in my door right this second and I had to grab my provisions for my enforced holiday in the sun, today I would pick:

MOVIE: “Night of the Hunter.” May see it tonight. I think on a desert island the river journey would be even more evocative.

Runner-up: “Sweet Smell of Success.”

PLAY: “Hamlet.” Fallback option.

Runner-up: “Waiting for Godot.”

PHOTO: Film still of Jimmy Stewart reaching out to Katharine Hepburn in “The Philadelphia Story.” She is looking away.

Runner-up: “This is a good German. She is dead.” (By Lee Miller; can’t find it online.)

POEM: TS Eliot, “Whispers of Immortality.”

Runner-up: Elizabeth Bishop, “Crusoe in England.” Irony value.

NOVEL: (This may be cheating) Ernest Lehman, “Sweet Smell of Success.” Actually a novella. Not sure why this is so much on my mind today.

Runner-up: Ulysses. I actually like it. (There’s a bit at the beginning of one of the sections that sounds just like Huggy Bear lyrics sheets–“The king sits on his [something] throne sucking red jujubes white”–that bit.) Plus it’s long, and I may be on that island for some time.

PHILOSOPHY: The Symposium.

Runner-up: The Gay Science. Wow, fairly predictable choices from me. Shrug.

Hm, that combination would make for a very odd island experience….

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