Kitchen adventures: A brownie for the Second Demographic Transition

I may not believe in modern love, but I must confess that I’ve become a convert to the microwavable brownie in a coffee mug, a.k.a. All the Single Brownies. I’ve tried this ultra-internet recipe several different ways and am still experimenting to figure out what works the very best, so use the following as a template and go in with the assumption that you’ll need several rounds of (delicious) experimentation.

I made the batter in a separate bowl and then scraped it into the mug. Many recipes say you can mix it all in the mug itself for easier cleanup, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to whisk/stir into smoothness.

After you add each ingredient, whisk or just stir vigorously until the new thing is smoothly incorporated into the mixture. You’ll know when it comes together. Makes one brownie, to be shared with your cat.

* like two-ish tsps vegetable oil

* same amount water (seriously, it doesn’t really matter)

* tsp? 1/2-tsp? vanilla extract

* four-ish tbsps sugar

* same amount cocoa

* one large egg

* two-ish tbsps all-purpose flour

* some salt

I’ve tried adding cinnamon, but this recipe creates a brownie so rich and fudgey that you really can’t taste even a generous amount of cinnamon at all.

Anyway, get all that completely stirred together so it is thick and goopy. Scrape it into your mug and microwave on high for, probably, a minute.

This last bit is the part I still haven’t completely cracked. It’s difficult to keep the brownie from overcooking on the bottom. It doesn’t burn, but it gets more crumbly than I’d prefer. The best one I’ve made so far was cakey and crumbly on the bottom half, while the top half was this amazing rich fudge thing, like super-thick hot frosting. You do need the cakey part–even I am not capable of desiring an entire coffee mug of frosting–but the top part is just sublime.

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