I Suppose Character Assassination Is Still Better Than the Other Kind

but this little tale of the hunt for dirt on Glenn Greenwald should make you a) think of the worst or most shameful things you’ve ever done, b) ask yourself whether it could be reconstructed from your credit card bills, legal records, social media, security camera footage, or internet history, and then c) keep in mind that revelations about state power and secrecy are the important things, not the personal character of the people doing the revelatin’.

…So I’ve been fully expecting those kinds of attacks since I began my work on these NSA leaks. The recent journalist-led “debate” about whether I should be prosecuted for my reporting on these stories was precisely the sort of thing I knew was coming.

As a result, I was not particularly surprised when I received an email last night from a reporter at the New York Daily News informing me that he had been “reviewing some old lawsuits” in which I was involved – “old” as in: more than a decade ago – and that “the paper wants to do a story on this for tomorrow”. He asked that I call him right away to discuss this, apologizing for the very small window he gave me to comment.

Upon calling him, I learned that he had somehow discovered two events from my past.


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