“Oriented to Love: A Dialogue About Sexual Diversity in the Church,” Feb 6 – 8, 2014: Apply Now!

Many of my readers may be interested in this:

OrientedtoloveWe are looking for a group of no more than a dozen people to participate in an in-depth dialogue around the issue of sexual diversity in the church. The event will be held from Thursday evening, Feb.6, to Saturday noon, Feb. 8, at a retreat center in the Philadelphia area.

The two main requirements for participation in this dialogue are an open heart and a committed faith in Christ. We need the group to be as diverse as it is small. Since this conversation will focus on how believers handle the issue of homosexuality in the church, the hope is that the common thread of faith will bind us together and make our efforts more productive and long lasting.

more. You can read a post I wrote about the first one here–I got a lot out of it and met some great people.

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