American Ice Theater in Chicago: “The Kind of Show Skating Needs”

I went to Stars on Ice last week and I loved it! But I really wish I could go to this show, on May 31:

…American Ice Theatre’s goal is to make artistic skating and ice theatre accessible to everyone – both skaters and audiences. “It is a model that can extend the life of a skater and allow for more career opportunities. There are talented national and world level skaters that don’t make the Olympic team yet are beautiful to watch artistically. We are an artistic outlet for skaters to continue to grow and perform,” explained Jodi Porter, the ice theatre’s founder. She explained that the ice theatre “was built from my personal education and professional experience in dance and professional figure skating. I have been actively educating others about the art and processes taken from dance and its translation to the ice. I see this fresh enthusiasm growing tremendously thanks to YAS and artistic skating seems to be a perfect fit here in Chicago.”

This is a wonderful venue to showcase all of the great skating that has come out of four seasons of Young Young Artists Showcase, as was echoed by Audrey Weisiger. “The Artists Showcase concept is very revolutionary in the skating world, as it features a global online contest, where choreographers have the opportunity to have their work viewed and reviewed by experts, along with the general skating public. I am grateful to Jodi and American Ice Theatre for their enthusiastic support.” The cast of the company’s debut show features work from many choreographers and skaters we’ve come to know and love through YAS, including Adam Blake, Garrett Kling and Kate McSwain as well as performances from special guests Jason Brown, Ryan Bradley, Rohene Ward, Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Paige Ryberg and 2013 U.S. National Champions Harmony Theatre Company. …

If you’re in the Chicago area or know someone who is, please pass on the word about this fantastic upcoming show. Tickets are only thirty dollars (sixty with special VIP seating and a reception) and can be purchased online at If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause so these skaters can continue to have audiences and opportunities to develop and share their gifts with the world.

more (and here’s me on Young Artists’ Showcase)

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