“The Kiss of Peace: Liturgy to Free Us from Our Isolation”: I’m at Level Ground

with a post which is perhaps not fully baked, but which I hope will be provocative:

The way we pray not only reflects but also shapes what we believe about what it means to follow Jesus. Lex orandi, lex credendi is the old slogan: The law of prayer is the law of belief. Therefore if a movement within the Church hopes to contribute to Christian community and theology, at some point this movement will find ways to embed itself in the liturgy.

Gay Christians who accept the historic Christian teaching on sexual ethics are a movement. (I’m going to call us “celibate gay Christians” from now on—that’s sloppy, since some of us are married, and anyway “celibate” is often used with narrower meanings than just “sexually abstinent and not expecting or planning to marry,” but if I try to use precise language we’ll be here all week.) What can we contribute to the Church’s liturgical life, Her communal worship?


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