“A Paleocon, An Otherkin, And a Saint Walk into a Bar”: Kate Havard

reviews my novel–and gets off some great lines of her own in the process:

Eve Tushnet’s wonderful debut novel Amends takes place during the first and only season of a doomed reality television show about alcoholism. The show—also called Amends—follows a group of miserable weirdos through a one-month spell in rehab.

The book is also a brutal satire of both the conservative cultural journalism crowd and the “Everything is a Problem” social justice crowd. What sticks with you, though, are the serious things at work beneath the novel’s snark: The reflections on sin and faith, the elusive nature of redemption, and the terrible price we sometimes pay for wisdom.

more (I guess I’d push back on the “these characters are all liars” thing, though–I don’t see many of them that way, and it really is a damaging stereotype that alcoholics lie more than the rest of you disasters out there. But lol I guess you have no reason to take my word for it!)

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