As the bridegroom to his chosen, As the king to his realm, As the keep unto the castle, As the pilot to the helm, So, Lord, art Thou to me.As the fountain in the garden, As the candle in the dark, As the treasure in the coffer, As the manna in the ark, So, Lord, art Thou to me.As the ruby in the setting, As the honey in the comb, As the light within the lantern, As the father in the home, So, Lord, art Thou to me.As the sunshine in the heavens, As the image in the glass, As the … [Read more...]

TOM LEHRER, "BRIGHT COLLEGE DAYS": With this I take my leave--off to Sunny New Haven until Monday. Back then with a whole passel of goodies.Bright college days, oh, carefree days that fly, To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high. Let's drink a toast as each of us recalls Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls.Turn on the spigot, Pour the beer and swig it, And gaudeamus igit-itur.Here's to parties we tossed, To the games that we lost (We shall claim that we won them … [Read more...]

ALLEGATIONS OF UN BRIBERY/OIL-FOR-FOOD SCAM: Stolen with love from Oxblog--everything that follows is their words (but you should really read all the links--there's esp. important stuff in the Christian Science Monitor link, including corruption in the Iraqi Governing Council as well):BRIBE-TAKING SCANDAL AT THE UN: Reports have surfaced that three principal UN officials, including the undersecretary general, accepted millions of dollars' worth of bribes from Saddam between 1997 and 2002, in … [Read more...]

STOIC NEWS. For all your Stoic news needs.Via Dappled Things. … [Read more...]

USA TODAY ON IRAQI BLOGS: ..."We suffered for years under Saddam Hussein, not being able to speak out," says Omar Fadhil, 24, a dentist. "Now, you can make your voice heard around the world." ...Fadhil's blog,, tells of his life and the lives of his two brothers. One brother also is a dentist, and the other is a pediatrician. "We wanted to help bridge the gap, not just between the U.S. and Iraq, but with the entire Islamic world," says Ali Fadhil, 34, the … [Read more...]

"As it happens, I experience my homosexuality as a (mild) disability. If I could have designed myself in the womb, I would have chosen to be heterosexual, because I feel I am missing out on something special and irreplaceable by not being able to conceive and raise a child with the partner I love. On the other hand, I say the disability is mild because most people need to do without some important opportunity. Life is like that. We play the hand we're dealt." --Jonathan Rauch, Gay Marriage; … [Read more...]

BLOGGERS IN SAUDI ARABIA AND EGYPT. Via Oxblog. … [Read more...]