TORTURE: Andrew Sullivan: "...But why hasn't the press corps been more aggressive than they have been? Open-ended questions about 'rendition' don't hack it. How about asking Bush directly how he can send terror suspects to Syria and Uzbekistan? How about asking him why he won't allow a legislative ban on CIA torture? How about asking him directly whether he considers 'water-boarding' to be torture? This is about as profound a moral issue as can be found in today's politics. And yet the press … [Read more...]

TWO LINKS: Not quite enough for a blogwatch.Cacciaguida got to see "Kingdom of Heaven," and comments here.Stay of Execution: How to throw a good party. Some neat ideas, though I really enjoy party decorations, and they don't need to throw you into a tizzy. My friend Sara has a passion for party decorations, and it shows--her parties always have a profusion of funny, somewhat random themed knickknacks, posters (find a picture or quote or whatever on the Internet and print it out), colored lights, … [Read more...]

SHROOMS! I cooked a delicious dinner last night: a modified version of a recipe from a Food & Wine cookbook. Here's the deal. (All quantities are "add until it looks right.")I used: A nonstick pan. Olive oil, garlic (I used a heaping spoonful from a jar of minced garlic, but obviously you can use fresh chopped), a package of portobello caps (one cap for one person), button a.k.a. plain old white mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, fresh oyster mushrooms, shiitake marinade, heavy cream, fresh … [Read more...]

YOUR VOICE, MY WORDS: Have been thinking about fanfiction, and why I really love it even though I can't write it. Most of this post will be old news to people who read a lot of fanfiction, but I've definitely learned things about creativity and writing from thinking about this stuff, so maybe you will too. ...I've read in at least eight fandoms (not counting ElfQuest since I was, like, fourteen the last time I read that), but the examples in this post will be from Harry Potter and X-Men fandoms, … [Read more...]

HOW TO MAKE MOSS GRAFFITI. If this is real, it's supercool. Via The Corner. … [Read more...]

CONCRETE VERONICAS: A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of reading two books by Kathy Shaidle, alias Relapsed Catholic. I've been meaning to tell you all about them. Right now I'm underslept and overstressed, so this is not going to be eloquent; maybe the best advertisement I can give is to note that I'll be buying extra copies of both books to send to friends.The first one I read, God Rides a Yamaha: Musings on Pain, Poetry, and Pop Culture, is a small book, enticingly purse-sized, collecting … [Read more...]

eBAY WON'T SELL EUCHARIST. Yay. … [Read more...]