"THE SCAR OF ODYSSEUS": IN A DARK TIME. First section of new short story. Um... don't know what to say about this. It's about espionage. And stuff. Note well, this story is R-rated at best. This section includes raw language and what I believe they're calling "sexual situations." Later sections will include ditto, only more so, and possibly some fairly severe violence. Anyway, here we have Justin Harlowe and his various neuroses, much good may he do you.And for something that will only make … [Read more...]


"AND ANY CHILD CAN WRECK": This is, sort of, a Spenserian-stanza diptych set within my story "Through the Years We All Will Be Together." I like parts of it better than I like the whole. Still, those parts are good enough that I decided to post it. ...If you're wondering, I've written a decent chunk of the first scene of a new story (although "decent" is not an especially appropriate word) and will post it as soon as I have a chance to finish the scene. Anyway, here, some poetry.[edited in the … [Read more...]


IS THAT YOUR REAL MASK?: One of the reasons I'm deeply opposed to the whole notion of "discovering" one's authentic sexuality is that, as far as I can tell, there are countless people out there who don't actually have an "authentic sexuality" anymore. All they (...we) have is damage. Scar tissue is a real part of oneself--it is authentic in the most important senses; that's one of the main themes of my story "Desire." But no one looks to scar tissue to figure out how unharmed flesh ought to look … [Read more...]


OUTSOURCING TORTURE: More at Mark Shea's. "All those discussions of torture on my blog, you see, were not just about some theory. Ideas have consequences. If the Right manages to push this through, they will have earned my contempt. I see no way a Catholic could possibly support such a heinous law." No kidding. … [Read more...]


She keeps Moet & Chandon In her pretty cabinet; "Let them watch blogs," she says, Just like Marie Antoinette...Volokhs a-Go-Go: The mainline Protestant churches on religious freedom: "Overall, criticisms of Israel amounted to 37 percent of the 197 human rights criticisms offered by the churches during those years, only slightly higher than the 32 percent of criticisms leveled at the United States. The remaining 31 percent of criticisms were shared by twenty other nations." Let me know if I … [Read more...]


"No old regime is merely oppressive; it is attractive, too, else the escape from it would be much easier than it is." --Michael Walzer, Exodus and Revolution … [Read more...]


AM ADDING Intel Dump to the blogroll. Tired of clicking over from Oxblog. … [Read more...]