IN THE FLESH: More shameless cribbing from Dappled Things. (I will post something I actually personally wrote soon!) Excerpts:...It would be easy for us to reduce Christ's mission to a simple moral lesson and to reduce the Gospels to edifying texts of ancient history, and plenty of people have done precisely that. But as nice as that all is, it's really not enough to save a world. It's not even enough to save a human being. The Scriptures themselves tell us that there is something more. … [Read more...]

HIROSHIMA: Am reprinting in full a post at Dappled Things.Hiroshima and Peace -- The Sixth of August is not only the Feast of the Transfiguration. It is also the anniversary of the dropping of the first atom bomb on Hiroshima, to be followed by the bomb for Nagasaki. Those two weapons of mass destruction not only ended a war, they also wiped out the lives of countless men, women, and children in the blink of an eye. It's sad to recall that it was our country that did the deed -- an action … [Read more...]

RAZING OBJECTIONS: Reason magazine on the Poletown reversal. Excerpts:Just before dawn on July 14, 1981, Detroit police hooked a tow truck to the basement door of the Immaculate Conception Church on Trombly Street and tore it off its hinges. They stormed in and arrested a dozen parishioners who were making a desperate, doomed attempt to save part of their neighborhood from an assault by an unbeatable alliance of big government, big business, and big labor.This was the last stand in the … [Read more...]

I wanna tell her that I blogwatch but the point is probably moot...Dappled Things: "In addition to all the religious things one could say, this feast reminds us also of the annual Perseid meteor shower, known for centuries as the burning Tears of St Lawrence." Plus a lot of other interesting link-goodness, and thoughts on do-it-yourself eugenics a.k.a. children as lists of qualities, syndromes, abilities, and defects, the value of each to be determined by the parents with heavy pressure from … [Read more...]

"It must be getting tedious, Scott dear. These reruns of your grief." --Emma of course; NXM #s 151 and 154. Post coming later this week. … [Read more...]

BITTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY: Quick-fix, hard-and-fast solutions for insomnia again requested. I'll be seeing a doctor soonish but do not have time now and have had a truly soul-sucking week. If next week is like this I do not know quite what I'll do. Sominex, apparently, does nothing for me. This week is really starting to get my goat; and all I can say is, GIVE ME MY DAGGONE GOAT BACK.Will be gone Friday through Sunday but plan to post a nice long scene of "Ship Comes In" Sunday night. … [Read more...]

LIVING TOGETHER, GROWING APART: Good post on cohabitation from Sara at the Family Scholars blog. Excerpts, with quotes from an article: "...When my boyfriend and I graduated from college this spring and starting making plans to move to New York (I was coming from Chicago and he was coming from Washington, DC), friendly acquaintances were surprised we weren't planning on getting a place together (my good friends knew better). 'You might as well,' they said. 'Think about what you could save on … [Read more...]