I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF "DRINK CANADA DRY" AS A CHALLENGE: So I totally forgot to post the replies to my "come up with a recipe for this fabulous drink name!" contest. Here they are. Feel free, of course, to send belated entries!John Hutchins: Some friends and I, in college, did the same thing. A drink mixing party, that is. It, also, was not quite a success. And the failure is kind of embarrassing as we were working on just one name and what should have been an easy one.The name was prompted by … [Read more...]


IT'S THE PICTURES THAT GOT SMALL: Sandra Miesel writes. I note that I have no opinion of most of these actors, but would desperately love to see Laurence Harvey's Lupin.Since you linked that hilarious HARRY POTTER parody the other day, maybe you'd like to post this one that my son Peter and I made up.LOOK BACK IN AZKABANWhat if the charcters in HP III were played by stars of the British realist films of the 70s, reduced by cgi in size and age to fit? And, of course, brought back from the … [Read more...]


NEXT UP: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR! Over at MarriageDebate, I've been battling Jonathan Rauch. This is a totally disorganized series of posts, and not meant as a syllogistic, Agree Or Be Damned! exercise. Nonetheless, I think a lot of fascinating issues have been raised, and I'd love to know what my readers think. So go, go, Gadget dialectic! Email me if you've got something to say about any of these posts.The series so far: Sunrise, Sunset: Marriage, children, mortality, and singing Jews.Marriage … [Read more...]


I'M PERSONALLY OPPOSED TO CHILD ABUSE, BUT OF COURSE IT SHOULD BE LEGAL: Growl. David Blankenhorn has my back:"...So it makes no sense at all for Sen. Kerry (and Gov. Cuomo)to expect to be taken seriously when they tell us, on the on hand, that they sincerely and 'personally' believe that abortion is the wrongful taking of innocent human life, but that on the other hand, something called the separation of church and state requires them to become tireless champions in the public square of a … [Read more...]


I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar Then it meant that you were a protest blogwatch. Oh I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible...Dappled Things: "...It is impossible to conceive of the old Israel apart from the fundaments of the Twelve Tribes; it's impossible to conceive of the new Israel apart from the fundaments of the Twelve Apostles. The following of Christ is more than buying into a philosophical proposition and moral code, as one might do when following … [Read more...]


"That very same evening I was dragged down nice and gentle by brutal tolchocking chassos to viddy the Governor in his holy of holies holy office. The Governor looked very weary at me and said: 'I don't suppose you know who that was this morning, do you, 6655321?' And without waiting for me to say no he said: 'That was no less a personage than the Minister of the Interior, the new Minister of the Interior and what they call a very new broom. Well, these new ridiculous ideas have come at last and … [Read more...]


I saw you leave on the security screen. I knew it would be the last time. I try to recall your blogwatch, No longer its original form. Memory fades...Syria Comment: What it sounds like. (Here's my Weekly Standard piece on blogs in Middle Eastern and Muslim countries.) Via Hit and Run."The Bad Seed: Why did so many American churches embrace eugenics?" Excerpts: "...Hard though this may be to credit, the reactionaries were so blinkered as to suggest that eugenics itself might be a passing fad, … [Read more...]