"I feel, finally, that this (in the crocodile) is my normal condition." --Dostoyevsky's journals … [Read more...]


HMMM: I echo Ramesh Ponnuru's question about scientists' opinion of research cloning: "Some surprising data about their views. Supposedly 73 percent of American biotech researchers and 78 percent of foreign ones believe it to be 'ethically unacceptable' to create human embryos for research purposes. Can this be true?" … [Read more...]


RATTY, like the Wuggly-Ump, is drawing near, so posting will be limited while we riot and destroy. However, I hope to reply to your emails (and post some interesting stuff of my own) by Monday morning. Comics reviews, too. I note that my tastes must be becoming more mainstream (yay, more people like what I like!), as my comics shop was sold out of two things I tried to buy: Mother, Come Home and Deep Sleeper. … [Read more...]


I didn't collect my thoughts And all kinds of women are waiting for me I'll come-- Or is it because very early Everything very early was killed in me --Fyodor Dostoyevsky's journals (channeling Cat Power) … [Read more...]


GETTING FIRED: THE ISOPOD BEAUTY SALON. In which Edward G. Peeler hits our hero below the fold; and things start to get seriously weird. Read it from the beginning here, or get the latest installment here. … [Read more...]


WHAT DO YOU THINK? HUMAN CLONING. WDYT? is one of my favorite Onion features, and this one is especially good. The anti-Christian one isn't unique or unexpected enough to be funny, but the others are great. My favorite is probably the top right-hand corner--which allows me to drop my second A.K. reference of the day. Go here and do a search for "cloning" to find my nominee in the Best Impression of a Foul-Mouthed Maggie Gallagher category.Oh, this is pretty good, too: "Osama Bin Laden Found … [Read more...]