RISING STARS OF MANGA: TokyoPop is running a "readers' choice" poll with lots of new manga artists. Frequent ET.com commenter Joshua Elder has an entry, "Mail-Order Ninja," here. I don't have time to read any of these today, but you might; today is the deadline for picking your favorites. Definitely do check out Joshua's piece! … [Read more...]


BOOK REC: Steve Sparrow writes:Couldn't agree more with you vis a vis fighting materialism with socialism. I reckon it's a crying shame high schools all over the world don't study these two novels back to back, viz. Orwell's Animal Farm and Hilaire Belloc's The Mercy of Allah. Orwell dissing Socialism and Belloc unbridled Capitalism. Most read Orwell but few Belloc. Mercy of A is brilliant fantasy/satire on money. I highly recommend it. … [Read more...]


Some boys blog and some boys watch,And that's all right with me.If they can't raise my interest then I'll have to let them be...Home, Throne, Altar: Three kids & the making of a conservative. Powerful and right-on. A lot of this resonates with my experience at the pregnancy center. The only thing I'd add would be stories of parents trying hard to do right by their kids in the teeth of a culture that constantly rejects and thwarts them. ...HTA link via Hugo Schwyzer, who comments here. (For … [Read more...]


JK ROWLING AS DETECTIVE AUTHOR. Posting this to remind myself that these principles don't only apply to detective stories. Things that matter to the climax of the story need to appear earlier, rather than coming from out of nowhere. (That's one of the many kinds of problem with "Kissable Pictures.") Also, I tend to write rough drafts very intuitively, and then go back and see which intuited moments or images were actually advancing the point of the story and which ones were superfluous or … [Read more...]


SHERLOCK HOLMES MEETS H.P. LOVECRAFT. Not really my thing (I'm more of a Scream for Jeeves kind of gal), but I bet a lot of you people will like this. … [Read more...]


IHS!: Darin Lowder writes:I thought your readers might appreciate a reminder about the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) Summer Seminar deadline approaching March 31, 2005. Each summer, IHS sponsors a series of seminars for undergraduates, graduate students, and recent college graduates exploring a wide variety of issues. From globalization and the environment to the limits of freedom, we bring top students and faculty from around the world together for lectures, discussions, films, and socials … [Read more...]


HONEY, WHERE YOU BEEN SO LONG?: Not only is it a blog specializing in the blues. But it is a blog, specializing in etc., which is having a Stagolee week. All Stagolee all the time. Here. … [Read more...]