"I could have built heaven on earth, if only they'd let me. I could have laid the foundation stones of paradise here on earth." --Xorn's first lines, NXM Annual 2001. Right, because that's not a creepy thing to say at all. … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": POISON MOON. First section of the Norse myths story. This section is very short--it's not going to be a wildly long piece--and you should know that I have disappeared a character in the actual myths, gotten rid of her purely for authorial convenience. She's gone. Don't look for her. Her only important function (and it's very important in this story) has been taken over by someone else. ...I'm also 95% sure I've messed up the patronymics, so I'd appreciate any advice on that … [Read more...]


--Dragon? --No scorch marks. Usually they're linked. --Manticore? --Imaginary! --Griffin? --Extinct. --Blogwatch? --...Possible. Very... very possible.Examined Life/John and Belle Have a Blog ("the name of the song is 'Examined Life,' but the song is called 'A-Sitting on a Gate'...): Very interesting if overlong post on superheroics, "realism," and different forms of non-realism. The stuff I like starts with the bit about the difference between subcreation and dreamworks. Via Sean … [Read more...]


I'M IN THE NY POST...reviewing Jonathan Rauch's Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America. Nothing unexpected for regular readers of this site and/or MarriageDebate, but still, figured I'd drop the link. Click here for a series of longer and very scattershot posts where I look at different aspects of Rauch's book. And I will, eventually, post on what I think his best point is, but not this week as work is crushing me like an enormous crushing thing. … [Read more...]


"Wolverine. You can probably stop doing that now." --first line of Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men. Yup, I'm slowly working up to that What's Up With NXM Anyway? post. … [Read more...]


THE SHORTEST, GLADDEST YEARS OF LIFE (A BLEG): Hi there. I'm working (slowly) on two short stories, and I need your help. Please email me if you werea) at Georgetown University from around about 1988-1992 b) involved in conservative campus journalism during time period ditto c) at Yale during time period ditto d) (different story) at Yale approx. 1975-1982 e) involved in campus conservatism generally during time period ditto f) at another big liberal arts college during time period … [Read more...]


AMERICA IS THE NAME OF OUR DREAM: Amazing, must-read post here. I expect I disagree radically with the author on what our country needs now. We likely disagree on questions of right and wrong that will remain crucial long after Americans are fairy tales in books written by rabbits. But this is exactly right:"America compells people to leave everything, to give up everything, to be terrified and impoverished and exhausted and belittled, humiliated and bereaved, because it promises that one … [Read more...]