We all feel blogwatch in the dark...Dr. Weevil: Ten things (academia nuts).St. Blog's Parish, UK, is seeking British Catholic bloggers.Awesome interview with Sandra Miesel about Catholicism and science fiction. I'd love to hear her comments on Kathe Koja."Rendition Realities," a.k.a. as close as the Washington Post is going to get to endorsing outsourced torture. Um. I'm not persuaded by this argument. And I really want to know what the hell "family pressure" means. If it's like, mom pleads with … [Read more...]


TENS, ANYONE?: (Sorry!) Laudem Gloriae (Viet Nam, fried guinea pig, and saving a life--not all in one entry); Mommentary has a fine comments-box going, including crazy Polishness from the century of blood; Pax Nortona on Alcatraz. … [Read more...]


LUV ACTUALLY: Jesse Walker writes (my comments in itals):You left out the two worst things about Love Actually:1. You know those syrupy climax scenes that weigh down the endings of every romantic comedy these days? This movie *opens* with one, and then it keeps bombarding you with them *all the way through the movie*.[Oh, yes! Yes! Exactly!!! --E]2. In the middle of all that crap, the subplot about Bill Nighy as the aging singer is actually funny. So you find yourself recommending things like … [Read more...]


"LET ALL MORTAL FLESH KEEP SILENT": IN THE NEW CENTURY I THINK WE WILL ALL BE INSANE. First scene of new short story. Um. This is a rough one. Rated for sexualized violence, and vice versa. (Mostly in the second scene, not this one.) It's a dystopia, with all that implies; this is about Bad Things happening. I don't, you know, write this stuff unless I think the story requires it. Anyway: Irina tries to figure out whether it's winter, and Alison prepares her materials for an experiment. Here. … [Read more...]


ART OBJECTS: So on Monday night I heard Terry Teachout talk on "The Problem of Political Art." I should have taken notes, but I didn't; I'm lame. Because of the lack of notes, I can't give you a reaction to the substance of his talk, just a series of scattered points. So here goes.1. I went away from the talk more convinced, not less, that political art is possible. I'm defining "political art" the way Teachout sometimes seemed to define it: Art that makes the audience leave the theater, or put … [Read more...]


Boys may blog and boys may watchAnd that's all right you see;Experience has made me rich and now they're after me...The Agitator: Will Ohioans need an auctioneer's license to use eBay? (Via Dappled Things. And if you think this is a ridiculous idea, maybe you want to reconsider entry barriers for other economic activities, no? Related link.)Elayne Riggs: Um... I really appreciate the link, and all, but I'm not a progressive blogger. I think "progressivism" is incoherent as a philosophical … [Read more...]


SHADOW DANCE: "Hot out of the box with a brand-new cinematic meme is Cinetrix, who asks:"What movie character do you identify with the most?"at worst: Scottie, in "Vertigo"--actually I think most writers would identify at least to some extent with Scottie.at mediocre: Martin Blank, in "Grosse Pointe Blank"at best?: Edward G. Robinson's character, in "Five-Star Final." My, that's a crappy "best"! … [Read more...]