The Planets

The Butler Symphony Orchestra gave a wonderful performance today of Holst’s famous The Planets, accompanied by a creative montage of video footage. Richard Aulden Clark conducted. The image above is from NASA. [Read more...]

Biblioblog Top 362 for February 2010

Jeremy Thompson has posted the rankings for this month. Exploring Our Matrix came in at #5. [Read more...]

To Foster Critical Biblical Scholarship

Alan Lenzi has an interesting post, inspired by an SBL review that denigrated mainstream critical scholarship, which concludes with the suggestion that SBL ought to change its motto from “To foster Biblical scholarship” to “To foster critical Biblical scholarship.” While I appreciate the spirit of his post, the notion of “uncritical scholarship” seems to me to [Read More...]

Next ARAM Society Conference on the Mandaeans

According to the ARAM Society’s web site, their next conference on the Mandaeans will be at the University of Stockholm in Sweden, in April 2012. Some of the information there is simply copied and pasted from the last conference in Oxford, and the date of that conference changed from that originally scheduled, so one shouldn’t make [Read More...]

The Mything Links

Having spent so much time blogging about mythicism, I felt I would be remiss (or is that remyth?) if I were not to share a few last links that have come to my attention. Joseph Hoffmann recently touched once again on the existence of Jesus and the Jesus Project. And although the Christian CADRE blog is clearly [Read More...]

Lost Untangled is Back!

Somehow I missed that Lost Untangled had returned. Here’s the latest one, for the episode “The Lighthouse”: [Read more...]

Biblical Literalism in the New Jerusalem [a short story]

Bill Larsson double-checked the co-ordinates again. This was his first visit to the New Jerusalem space station, and as the deadline for his story was the beginning of next week, he didn’t want anything to go wrong. Bill still hadn’t quite worked out why the space station followed such an irregular course. No, he thought [Read More...]