Photo of the Day (Blue II)

HT Brad Matthies (Since I have readers in other parts of the world who may just possibly not be following college basketball, I will explain the symbolism of the photo: the Butler Bulldogs just beat the Florida Gators, and thus they will be in the Final Four. Go Dawgs!). [Read more...]

The Sacred will be with You, Always

I was really struck by a phrase in Chet Raymo’s blog post “A Saturday Reprise.” He begins by quoting Bilhah in The Red Tent who responds to Zilpah’s expression of fear at leaving a place where customs and gods are known and moving to the unknown by saying “Every place has its holy names, its trees [Read More...]

From the Journal for the Study of Painful Experiences with Journals

Robert Holmstead has shared some of his most unpleasant experiences of the process of submitting articles to academic journals, waiting for a response, and the response received. I am sure that those who are students planning on submitting work to journals, scholars who have had similar experiences, and those who have served on editorial boards [Read More...]

New Press Release on the Lead Plates Discovery

The blog Heavenly Ascents shared another press release about the lead books that have been discussed around the biblioblogosphere lately. Lead Plates Press Release  (advice on how to get this to display better gratefully accepted!) [Read more...]

Bibliography of Semitic Linguistics

Via AWOL, a Bibliography of Semitic Linguistics. [Read more...]

The Veil that Prevents Fundamentalists from Understanding the Bible

I regularly have Christian fundamentalists tell me that people who do not approach the Bible with faith cannot understand it. That is of course nonsense, although I am pretty sure that at some point in the past I believed it to be true. The first passage that is usually cited as “proof” of this point [Read More...]

The Book

The book arrived today. And in class today I was talking about the book. And apparently while anyone can read the book, not everyone can understand it. “The book” in each of the above statements refers to different things. Yet they seem strikingly interconnected. The book that arrived in the mail today is Earl Doherty’s [Read More...]

The Burial of Jesus and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

An article I wrote entitled ” The Burial of Jesus and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher” has appeared in The Bible and Interpretation. The article is based on material that appeared in The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith. [Read more...]

Secret Gospel of Mark Conference Preliminary Program

Tony Burke has shared a preliminary program for the conference on the Secret Gospel of Mark scheduled for April. [Read more...]

Ancient Christian Resources for Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Here are two early Christian texts which those who favor abstinence-only sex education seem to ignore inexplicably: Acts of Paul and TheclaActs of Thomas [Read more...]

Fringe: Science, Spirituality and the Soul

I just got caught up on watching Fringe last night. The episode was almost entirely focused on souls - whether that of William Bell in Olivia Dunham’s body (and I have to say that Anna Torv does an incredible job of acting the role of someone else in her body – there were times when it [Read More...]