The Questions of Lent: To Give Up or Not to Give Up?

Our Facebook Lenten Question of the Week series launched last week with this: How Might a Progressive Christian Approach Lent?  Throughout the week, our fantastic bloggers posted a number of thoughtful and inspiring responses. Some of the standouts included:

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove:  The Fast We’ve Chosen: Begging with our Friends

Kurt Willems:  Ash Wednesday: Because Sometimes Rich Christians Simply Need to Starve a Little

David Henson: Reclaiming Repentance as a Progressive Christian

Nadia Bolz-Weber:  The Crap We Give our Hearts To

Bruce Epperly: Practicing a Progressive Lent: Simplicity and Celebration

Jenny Warner: Christianity in Ashes

Christian Piatt: The Only Way Out is Through

Caryn Riswold: Rising for Lent

Tim Suttle: Learning to See in the Dark

Janet Davis: Messy and Connected

…and last, but not least, from Fred Schmidt, who always makes me think:  The Meaning of Lent: An Ash Wednesday Rant

This week’s question revolves around a common practice of Lent — giving something “up.” We’ve asked bloggers and friends to repsond to the question: What Are You Giving Up — or Taking On — this Lent?  (and presumably, Why?) Join the conversation here, or over at the Patheos Progressive Christian Facebook page beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, February 19.

(To get us started, Phil Fox Rose has already posted this blog:  What Are you Giving Up for Lent? in which he argues FOR the practice of giving something up – especially if it’s something you’re seriously addicted to.)

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