Tony Jones on Public Square Theology, Passionate Metaphors and Christianity 21: A Video Q&A

21 Big Ideas from 21 Leaders in 21 Minutes Each.

That’s the enticing tagline for the upcoming Christianity 21 Conference taking place January 9-11, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Produced by emergent Christian leaders and event gurus Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, and Sarah Cunningham, the conference brings together 21 exciting and diverse voices of faith to share their big thoughts on the future of Christianity. There will be well-known names (Nadia Bolz-Weber, Phyllis Tickle, Paul Rauschenbush, Bruce Reyes-Chow, and Kent Dobson) and fresh voices you may not have heard of yet. (Not to mention the other 42 speakers who will get 7 minutes each to share whatever they want with the audience as part of the event’s goal of giving everyone a moment in the spotlight.)

“This is a non-ideological conference,” says Jones.”This is not a liberal or evangelical conference. We try to have a lot of diversity in the voices. We pick the most awesome 21 people we can find and tell them they have 21 minutes to tell us their one big idea that Christianity needs to be about in the 21st Century. That’s it. We don’t vet their talks. Then they come in and do their best to blow the doors off. And then what’s amazing is how their ideas weave together to present a mosaic for the future of Christianity.”   

I caught up with Tony after an intense and impassioned week of blogging about the Resurrection with Dr. Marcus Borg, to talk about this other passion of his – C21. He shared more about the conference, the choice of speakers, the exciting 21st guest they just booked today, and what else we can expect from this spirited gathering in January.

(And stay tuned here for more interviews with C21 speakers now through January in a series we’re calling  “7 Questions Before C21”!)

For more information and to register for C21, visit the website here. Don’t miss the Early Bird rate of $199 if you book by October 31!

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