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Faithful Democrats is an online Christian community dedicated to working for the common good by nurturing a more welcoming and authentic dialogue between the Democratic Party and our nation’s rich and diverse people of faith. We believe that pursuing justice and compassion is not only morally right, but that it is also the basis for sound and successful governmental policies. We act on our beliefs to hold our communities, our nation, and our party to its highest ideals to make America and the world more compassionate and loving, as we are called to do by our Creator.


As a community of believers, we seek to love and care for all of our neighbors through grassroots involvement, online engagement, and political advocacy. As citizens in a diverse democracy, we work to build partnerships with our leaders as they craft the public policies that strengthen our families and our communities. And as Democrats, we believe our public policies should reflect our values and so we actively engage in the political process to tackle the most pressing moral issues of our time.


Our Mission

To provide a Christian-focused, Democratic community online.  Through both dialogue and action, readers will be able to put their faith to work for the common good, holding our nation and the Democratic Party to their highest ideals.


Our Team and What We Stand For

Please visit this page to learn more about our leadership.  You may also want to learn more about what we stand for by visiting our Talking Points page, where you can read about our positions on the following issues:







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