The Great Warming Call to Action

How often do you see leaders from the Christian Coalition, National
Association of Evangelicals, the Civil Rights Movement, and Tony Campolo
all agree about policy priorities in this country?

How often do you see leaders from the Christian Coalition, National
Association of Evangelicals, the Civil Rights Movement, and Tony
Campolo all agree about policy priorities in this country?  Well, no
one actually saw it today since it was a teleconference, but this
morning four prominent Christian leaders all joined together to talk to
national media (and a ton tuned in to listen!) about the importance of
environmental stewardship.  The teleconference was part of The Great Warming's Call to Action (of which faithfuldemocrats is a part) and was an effort to draw attention to a Statement on Climate Change
that has been signed by an unlikely coalition of religious, scientific,
political, and cultural (by that I mean movie stars) leaders. 


Among hundreds of others,
signatories include: Rev. Dr. Joel Hunter (President of the Christian
Coalition), Rev. Jim Wallis, Ted Turner, Helen Hunt, John Podesta,
Chevy Chase, and Dr. Knobloch (President of Union of Concerned
Scientists).  The statement they all signed says:


"The world's scientists are in agreement:  climate change is real,
and we are largely responsible.  America's religious institutions,
corporations, environmental and political leaders are in agreement – we
must recognize our moral responsibility to be good stewards of the
Earth today and for all future generations. 

Out of this sense of responsibility, we call on our country to take
immediate action to address climate change.  Join us in partnering with
the producers of the new film The Great Warming, as we launch our awareness campaign and call to action."


A significant part of the "awareness campaign" will involved a
Christian radio ad campaign to coincide with the national release of
the movie on Nov 3 in selected theaters. 
The movie, which is an independent effort without any big production
backing, will have a wider initial release than Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth
Regal Cinema decided to take a chance on the film because of a massive
email and letter writing campaign by people (mostly in the faith
community) who had seen the movie screened in churches and through
house parties.


As I have said in previous posts,
this is a great issue for Democrats and a unique opportunity for
bridge-building with the evangelical community.  Therefore, the more
attention this issue gets, the better.  So please consider joining the Call to Action
Get your church involved.  And if there is a theater near you that is
premiering the movie, grab a few friends and go see it opening
weekend.  It's a great movie and a good cause. 


About Eric Sapp

Eric Sapp is a founding partner of the Eleison Group, the primary political consulting firm working with Democrats and the progressive faith community on outreach and communication to faith, veteran, and values voters. Eleison was a lead consultant on the DCCC’s ’08 “Red to Blue” program, and has worked with numerous national and state Democratic campaigns. Prior to founding Eleison, Eric was Senior Partner at Common Good Strategies (CGS), which rose to national prominence following the success in ’06 of its new approach to faith outreach and messaging for the DSCC, US Senators Casey and Brown, Governors Strickland, Granholm, and Sebelius. Eric also serves as Executive Director of the American Values Network, and has worked as a legislative aid for Representative David Price and committee staffer for Senator Edward Kennedy. A North Carolina native who grew up in South Florida, Eric attended Davidson College and Master of Divinity and a Master of Public Policy from Duke University. Eric has served for five years in the parish, and lives in northern VA with his wife and high school sweetheart, Julie.