Faith and Democratic Party Politics, an Interview I Gave…

I like telling the story of people of faith in the Democratic Party… their strength and resolve, through their faith in God, to be servants, caring for and fighting for the American people. [Read more…]

Faithfully Democratic

I’m not into word counts. And, neither are Americans. We all know that we are known by the results of our labor . . . Values over process. Results over the superficial. Heart over strategy. Examples lived from the Word, not the example of a word. [Read more…]

The Content of One’s Character…

Fannie Lou Hamer led the Mississippi Freedom Democrats. She was impoverished, a sharecropper with hands calloused from the back-breaking work of hand-picking cotton. She couldn’t read. And she had lived a life with no say about her own choices. Speaking before the DNC credentials committee, Hamer proclaimed “Is this America?” [Read more…]

Ryan: Ivan the Terrible or Good Shepherd?

Paul Ryan’s discipleship of this atheist’s teachings shaped his belief in a form of distorted individualism that is more Russian novel than basic American goodness; more Ivan the Terrible than the Good Shepherd. [Read more…]

Congressman Rogers Forgot His Raising and Should Apologize

I usually let sleeping dogs lie, but Congressman Mike Rogers’ recent crude and unbecoming comments about Speaker Nancy Pelosi earns a trip to the woodshed. Maybe, for me, it’s a Southern thing. One of my cousins tells a story about moving to South Korea with her soldier husband back in the 1970’s. There was a [Read More…]

Shovel Ready Jobs Needed in Washington

Pungent piles of Republican nay-saying to the American jobs and stimulus package is getting so deep in Washington that shovel-ready jobs are needed to shovel it all to the dump. Could this be the Republican job creation package? The rigid ideological orthodoxy leading Republicans to oppose the jobs bill ignores the pain of middle and [Read More…]

A New President, MLK, Mother Parks, a Congressman, My Boys and Me

Bedtime Stories Last night’s bedtime story for my two little boys was about Mother Rosa Parks. A few nights ago we read and talked about Dr. King. On Monday morning, MLK Day, I will do what I have been doing for over 15 years… it is the only day of the year my wife would [Read More…]

The Sideshow — News and Lessons from the Republican Civil War

Republicans have a problem… they don’t know who they are.   Devastated   The 2006 and 2008 election cycles were devastating for the GOP. They went from the Roveian-based belief that they had basically won the political war and Democrats would be no more to more of a “what the hell happened?”   In Washington [Read More…]

Mississippi Republicans Rig Ballots… Voter Fraud in Play

Phil Singer over at “The Marathon Blog” has broke the story that Mississippi Republicans are defrauding the system and attempting to steal the election from the voters of Mississippi. It’s simple… Mississippi’s African American communities come together and choose candidates they support — those who will stand with them and represent their interests. They then [Read More…]

Dole in Final Week Takes Up Role as Poster Child for All that is Wrong in Politics… and It Backslides… I Mean Backfires…

I’ve seen some misleading and terrible political ads over the years but Elizabeth Dole’s attack on her opponent, North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan, pretty much takes the wafer… and grape juice.   Senator Dole is losing. What does she do? She chooses the wide and straight super highway with a T.V. ad tailored [Read More…]