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Another Teen Suicide

It happened again.  A gay teen took his life.  This time it occurred in Ottawa, Canada. Jamie Hubley, 15 years old, decided to end it all on Friday, October 14th.   Like thousands of other LGBT and Searching young people he felt alone, isolated, and made to feel ashamed by society.  Based on his postings as reported [Read More…]

Beyond the Mormon "Cult" Controversy

It’s unfortunate, yet reality in America, that something that should be private and personal like an individual’s faith and relationship with God should be evaluated, dissected, and judged when seeking public office.  Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas has called GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith a [Read More…]


It’s described as a “liberal” version of the Tea Party movement.  If anything, the Tea Partiers should be described as nationalists and the Occupy Wall Street movement as patriots. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders believes that this movement may play a key role in re-building the middle class.  According to this progressive voice, six of the largest financial [Read More…]