Chick fil-A Appreciation Day misses the point – America needs conversation

Wednesday, August 1, was declared “Chick fil-A Appreciation Day” by former Arkansas governor and one-time Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.  Gov. Huckabee is asking proponents of traditional marriage to eat at the restaurant chain today.  Dan Cathy, the company’s president and chief operating officer, recently unleashed a fire storm for publicly opposing same-sex unions and acknowledging the financing of campaigns to defeat marriage equality initiatives.

Mr. Cathy said during an interview he is “very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit.”  If true, he certainly hasn’t done anything to repeal no-fault divorce laws, make infidelity a criminal offense, or restrict the cohabitation of unmarried persons of the opposite sex.

In failing to do so there is an intellectual disconnect.  Once again discussion of traditional marriage or marriage equality has become an “us against them” battle of religion and civil law rather than a discussion grounded in logic, reason, and fairness.  The common sense Thomas Paine believed all citizens of the republic possessed, especially to govern themselves, seems in want regarding this issue.

It would be better to invite Mr. Cathy to a public forum where his views can be discussed with those who have equally strong faith, but understand God and scripture differently.  Opponents to marriage equality must realize that the momentum is not in their favor.  And proponents of marriage equality should keep in mind because a state law is passed or if in the unlikely chance the U.S. Supreme Court shows some support for it, hearts and minds still must be changed.

Common ground and greater understanding with one another is needed.  Rather than Chick fil-A Appreciation Day let’s extend a hand in friendship to one another and celebrate “Appreciate Americans Day.”  Americans come in all types of stars and stripes.


Paul Jesep is Founder of Corporate Chaplaincy, a firm committed to the spiritual wellness of professionals.  He is also Founder of Entrepreneur Spirit, a firm dedicated to furthering an ethical culture in organizations.

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About Paul Jesep

Paul sees the world through the lens of a Christ centered Sophiologist. He believes that the Holy Spirit is Holy Sophia (Divine Wisdom). In so believing Paul accepts Holy Sophia’s invitation as a partner to create a better world.
He is a priest and bishop in the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Ukraine’s third largest Eastern Orthodox Church. He serves as the U.S. designated spokesperson for His Beatitude Metropolitan Myfodii of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine.

  • Gregg A. Gold

    “Marriage equality?’ There is no such thing. Same sex marriage is a contradiction in terms – a nonsense term. marriage has always been between a man and a woman for the procreation of children, the survival of society, and the upbringing of those children to become well-balanced, productive people. To do so requires two parents of the opposite sex. Simply because heterosexuals have made a hash of marriage and divorce rates are at their highest, this is still no excuse to destroy a heterosexual tradition simply to satisfy the demands of a vocal special interest group that makes up 3.8% of the total population of the USA.

    Regardless of your use of buzz terms like “marriage equality” and “civil rights” (both have become very tired slogans indeed), GBLTs have no historical, religious, legal or civil grounds to justify their demands. Indeed, not all gays and lesbians want to marry. A recent poll in the UK revealed that only 27% of GBLTs are in favour of same sex marriage. When same sex marriage was legalized in Canada in 2005, there wasn’t a sudden rush of thousands of GBLTs getting hitched. Two years later in 2007, only ONE same sex marriage was recorded in Toronto, Ontario – and nobody cared. Scripture is clear on same sex relationships – God hates them. Homosexuality is a sin that literally nauseates Him. It was never part of His plan for us.


    Homosexuality is expressly condemned in His Word. Ans before you go off on “Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality,” please review Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Jude 1:7 and Romans 1:27.

    Those churches and “ministers” who accept same sex marriages, perform those ceremonies and “bless” such unions should get out of the ministry. After all, all you are doing is facilitating unions that will ultimately lead to the damnation of the couple involved. If you don’t want to take God at His Word, then you’ve got problems.

    Same sex relationships are highly promiscuous. Why is the HIV/AIDS rate among homosexual and bisexual men in the USA now at 61%? Another one-third are infected but don’t even know it. This is simply shocking. And these figures come from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an organization that cannot be accused of religious bias. Clearly, all those millions of dollars spent on “safe sex” education has done nothing to stop the spread of deadly diseases and viruses among GBLTs, who are the biggest risk group.

    As for Dan Cathy, if his name was Mohammed, this would never have been an issue.

    Funny how Christian organizations that oppose same sex marriage are labelled as “hate” groups, yet Muslim organizations (in the USA) that call for the deaths of homosexuals are left alone by the “progressives.”

    ’nuff said.