March Madness Fare Forward Edition

Every March tons of Americans make brackets of all the competing teams in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship and vote for their favorite teams. This year Fare Forward decided to create some brackets of our own and invite readers to vote. But instead of basketball teams, we’ve paired off famous Christian thinkers, submitted by Fare Forward writers, into randomly-generated matches (above, see bigger image here).

At Fare Forward, we “consider the future and the past with an equal mind.” We are inspired by Christian thinkers both ancient and modern. The idea behind this “competition” is for us to present some of FF’s biggest influences, and then have readers vote on their favorites.

Here’s how it will work. We’ve created a facebook event for the competition. We’ll host two matches per day. Each match will be a “question” on the Facebook page and you’ll have one day per match to vote. For the first round, the blog will feature posts with bios of the competitors.

You’ll notice that the four regionals are named after Augustine, Aquinas, Chesterton, and Lewis. We felt including them would be unfair to their opponents. Readers will no doubt understand why.

The first round starts tomorrow. We’ve created a new tab on the top of the website where you can follow all the matches and updates. Happy Voting!

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