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______________ There are times when how we operate in the world just turns upside down. This poem speaks to such a time for me.     Bareback No question I’ve been knocked from my invisible horse and the one with tools in his hands keeps prodding: Get back in the saddle. What are you waiting [Read More…]


______________ The testing ground of love is how we help each other through suffering and loss without robbing each other of the chance to feel and grow. This poem bears witness to such a time for me.   Nesting Last week, I was on a pier in Charleston. There was a pelican, very close. I [Read More…]

You Asked about Poetry

______________ The longer I’m blessed to be here, the more I realize (make real) the wonder that poetry is a state of being and not a craft of language.   YOU ASK ABOUT POETRY You ask from an island so far away it remains unspoiled. To walk quietly till the miracle in everything speaks is [Read More…]


______________ Throughout history, there has always been a dissonant conversation between those who feel we as humans are dark creatures who need to be controlled and those who feel that we are born with and innate goodness that allowed to blossom will heal the world. Of course, it’s both. This passage is part of my [Read More…]