Our first official look at Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus

Two months ago, we saw some pictures of Christian Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as Ramesses on the set of Ridley Scott’s Exodus — but those were basically paparazzi shots, unauthorized by the studio. Today, however, we have our first officially-sanctioned picture of Bale as Moses, courtesy of Empire magazine — and, like the earlier pictures which showed Moses holding a bow and arrow, the new picture is slightly unusual in that it shows Moses sitting on a horse, which I can’t recall seeing him do in any other film before. (He usually walks or, in his prince-of-Egypt days, drives a chariot.) You almost wonder if Scott is subconsciously turning this into another Robin Hood movie. Anyhoo. Click on the picture above to see a bigger version of it.

January 3 update: A few days after the first “official” photo came out, the Italian website Bad Taste followed it up with the picture below — and unless I’ve missed something, this might be our first look at Scott directing Bale on-set:

A quick bit of snooping around the Bad Taste website reveals that they also posted the picture below back in October, though I somehow hadn’t seen it until now:

January 4 update: A friend of mine noted on Facebook that the giant stone face in the background of the “official” photo is reminiscent of the monumental faces that we saw in Scott’s earlier film Prometheus (2012). This led to some jokes about “Moses parting the Black Goo,” etc. It will be interesting to see what other visual obsessions Scott can work into this film (beheadings, brightly-lit wet sidewalks, etc.).

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