The first poster for Mary Magdalene starring Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene and Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus


It remains to be seen whether Mary Magdalene will get a North American release in time for Easter, as planned, but the film’s international release is certainly ramping up. The film’s British and Australian distributors released a trailer three weeks ago, and last week the film’s British Facebook page released the first poster for the film.

Here is the poster:


Two quick points:

First, the tagline says “Her story will be told,” but of course there is very little story to tell if one is looking simply at the canonical gospels.

And second, it’s interesting to note how clean Rooney Mara’s face is, compared to the slightly smudgier look on Joaquin Phoenix’s face. Dirty faces are a standard feature these days in ancient epics, but, for the poster at least, Mary doesn’t get that treatment.

Mary Magdalene comes to the UK on March 16 and Australia on March 22.

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