The 5 Un-Presidential, Rare, or Wild Things We’ll See In A Trump Presidency

The 5 Un-Presidential, Rare, or Wild Things We’ll See In A Trump Presidency January 18, 2017


On January 20th, the unthinkable will become true: Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States.

His candidacy was perhaps the most bizarre political candidacy in American history. I have little doubt that his presidency will be any different than his candidacy, so here are my top 5 predictions for some totally un-presidential things that we’re going to see happen while Donald Trump is the President:

5. He will get into a twitter war with other world leaders, negatively impacting relations with the United States.

Trump seems to love control, but there’s one thing he can’t control: his own mouth. We also know the allure of the internet is that it temps people to say things about others that they most likely would never dare say if you were face to face in their living room having coffee.

At a minimum, this will create massive tensions in relations with countries typically seen as close friends, and will escalate tensions with those we are already at odds with. In history we’ve seen occasions where war was triggered by a final straw that otherwise would seem less than significant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Trump’s twitter handle become the trigger source for global tensions.


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