Help Me Pick a Cover for: “Undiluted– rediscovering the radical message of Jesus”

That’s right folks– we officially have a name, and book cover options!

Thanks to all who voted and gave suggestions for the book name– the final choice that my friends at Destiny Image Publishers and I decided upon was “Undiluted: rediscovering the radical message of Jesus”. I think it’s the perfect title for what this book is about– a journey of rediscovering the counter cultural nature of the teachings of Jesus.

A few days ago my publisher sent me over some initial designs for the book cover, and I must say, I am thrilled with these options! I’m also appreciative that they listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the choices.

Since you guys did such a great job on picking the title, we also want YOU to have a hand in picking the final cover. Below, you’ll find three design options. While I’m not going to publicly reveal which one is my favorite, I’ll show a few of my cards here:

I like all three, but there is one that I like the least. Of the remaining two, I would be completely content with either choice. However, I do have a mild favorite that could become my hands-down favorite, with some minor changes. But, I’m not sure– I love them both!

So, here’s your task: which of the three do you like the best, and why? If you were the designer, would you tweak it at all, or do you like it exactly the way it is?

Once I’ve considered all of the feedback you guys have– which I will take strongly into account, I’ll pass on my final choice to the folks at Destiny and let you know which option I picked.

Thanks for participating!  I value your input, as always.

Option 1

Option 2


Option 3


You guys get to shape this book from beginning to end, so what are your thoughts? Ready, set… GO!

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