Franklin Graham vs. Jesus (In Their Own Words, Vol.2)

Franklin Graham vs. Jesus (In Their Own Words, Vol.2) May 19, 2015

The other day I had a post on Mike Huckabee v. Jesus, demonstrating the breakdown between American political/religious leaders, “in their own words.” Continuing what may need to be a series, here’s Franklin Graham vs. Jesus, “in their own words.”

If there is to be any hope for American Christianity to one day reflect the person of Jesus we find in the New Testament, we will need to “test everything” taught by the religious leaders of our time, and only hold onto “that which is good” (1 Thes 5:21). Of course, “what is good” is Jesus, so we reject anything that is at odds with his radical message- and lovingly call on the religious leaders of our era to repent and return to the message of Jesus.


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