Glenn Beck: “God told me to sit down, shut up, and zip your mouth”

Glenn Beck and I haven’t been friends in a really, really long time. Well, we were never really friends to begin with, but when he suggested that people need to leave their churches and report their pastor if the church used the term “social justice” or “economic justice” on the church website, I decided that we’d probably always be on opposite sides of… well, everything.

When Beck was still on Fox, his program was extremely damaging to the cause of Jesus followers as it incited selfishness, hatred, and all sorts of other nasty stuff that have no place in the Jesus movement. Yet, so many Christians flocked to him.

Now, Beck says that God is speaking to him– and I can’t help but agree with much of what God apparently said. On a recent program, Beck claims that God has told him to “sit down, shut up and zip your mouth”.

Sounds about right.

He goes onto say, however, that shutting up is for the purposes of doing something bigger and better, but maybe Beck just misheard him?

A guy can dream.

Just a friendly reminder to my Christian friends: please don’t get your theology from Glen Beck, because even God is telling him to sit down and zip it.

See the original here (skip the first 40 seconds or so):


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  • R Vogel

    Finally he started paying attention!!

  • Politics is the primary cake. Jesus is merely the icing on the True God that America worships far longer than the time they spend in church: The Media. Anthropologist Marvin Harris observed this around the world with his “cultural materialism” viewpoint. People do what they do for political reasons and then rationalize their actions with religion. Conservatives and Progressives do the same thing, and Jesus really doesn’t fit either political paradigm.

  • guest

    That’s been going on a very long time. Many kings converted for political reasons and supported one pope over another just for what they could get…even the new testament contains politics, in the form of appeasement of the Romans and blaming the jews in the gospel v.s. the coded inditment of Nero in revalations.

  • True.

    And your observation is evidenced in chapter 7 “The Ruler of the Whole World: The Invention of the Totalitarian State by the First Christian Emperor of Rome” in Jonathan Kirsch’s God Against The Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism. (Viking, 2004)

    And I’ll add that even the supposedly “non-violent” Anabaptists are politically driven.[1,2] They wish to use the violence of the State via voting to make their neighbors behave a certain way. I suppose the actual people who have to enforce Romans 13:1-6 via violence are some sort of an Untermenschen unfit for company with the non-violent lotus eaters resting at ease above the clouds of Mt. Olympus.

    Perhaps Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner is how that works. ;)

    1. “But the neo-Anabaptists increasingly offer their own fairly aggressive politics aligned with the Democratic Party, in a way that should trouble traditional Mennonites. Although the neo-Anabaptists sort of subscribe to a tradition that rejects or, at most, passively abides state power, they now demand a greatly expanded and more coercive state.”
    Mennonite Takeover? | The American Spectator‎

    2. “…the new political fervor that some, tongue-in-cheek, are calling “Mennonite mania.”
    A new faith in politics | Chicago Tribune

  • RustbeltRick

    On Monday of last week (2/10/2014), Beck blamed progressives for the Holocaust.

    I know he wants people to think he’s toned down his crazy-angry shtick, but he hasn’t. He can’t help himself. He’s made millions bashing Obama, and I doubt he’s ready to stop the money flow now, when its so easy to sell books and seminars to Right Wing Nation.

  • Pat68

    It’s the “something bigger and better” that makes me leery. I’ve seen that ploy used before in churches. Time will tell…..

  • Good points! I tune in briefly once in a while to Beck, just to see what he’s up to. Also partly because a while back I heard him in one of his more humble, sensible states for a few minutes and got curious if some kind of deeper transformation MIGHT be going on…. Unfortunately, as you point out, it’s just an occasional episode (of humanity and sanity), apparently.

    The on-and-off “compassion” (assuming it is genuine as it at least sounds sometimes) and rationality may actually be more dangerous than the steady-state of sarcasm, derision, hatred, distortion, etc. that other prominent talk-show hosts tend to display…. Sucks people in before injecting the next load of venom.