5 Ways You Can Spot A Jesus Follower


The word Christian may only be nine letters, but it’s a big ‘ole word. With the reformation underway in American Christianity, there’s been a lot of talk over what that word actually means and who gets to use it. Some people on both the left and right see themselves as gatekeepers and are busy declaring [Read More...]

“Failure To Be A Patriotic American Is A Sin”?


That’s what Bryan Fischer at the American Family Association is teaching. The other day on his radio program, he said that if you’re not a “patriotic American” you’re sinning against God. Not even making that up. Here’s the clip: But is it true? Is failing to be a “patriotic American” a sin? Of course not. [Read More...]

What If Blessing Israel Means Confronting Their Violence?


My heart breaks as violence is on the rise again in Israel. Just within the last few days, we’ve seen a Palestinian child burned alive , seen leaked video of Israeli police beating an American Palestinian child who was bound at the time, a Christian minister has been attacked by Israeli settlers, and an Israeli [Read More...]

Time To Help Me Name A Book Again…


With just a matter of weeks before Undiluted is released, you’re about to begin hearing about Undiluted… a lot! However, in this business, putting out books means you’re always working ahead– which means I’m part-way into writing a book that is going to hit stores in August of 2015. When I first had the original [Read More...]

What John Piper’s Proud Whopper Tweet Reminds Us About Christian Divorce


John Piper is “farewelling” again. No, this time it has nothing to do with Rob Bell– he’s actually farewelled Burger King. (Though he changed the Bell trademark to “Good-bye”). Burger King recently announced a new LGBT pride wrapper for their sandwiches in some markets. The move had created a little stir around the internet, but [Read More...]

The Hobby Lobby Fallout Is A Disaster For The Truly “Pro-Life”


I’ve always considered myself “pro-life” though I have distanced myself from the modern pro-life movement as I disagree with the goals (abolition instead of actual reduction) and because it’s not actually “pro-life” in any holistic sense; it’s simply pro-gun, pro-war, and pro-birth. Most of those still culturally entrenched in the modern pro-birth movement have hailed [Read More...]

5 Reasons Why Fundamentalists Might Not Want To Go To Heaven


1. It would be way too crowded for them. One of the basic tenets of Christian fundamentalism is the belief that they’re basically going to be the only people who get there. I frequently watch some of their dialogues in online groups (painful opposition research), and what’s sad is that they’re not just out on the [Read More...]

My Tea Party Governor Wants My Church Family To Be Homeless & Hungry


My church family– the people I love and serve week in and week out– are not like me. We don’t share the same primary language (church is a mix of French, English, Portuguese, and Lingala), we’re not the same shade of skin, we are not citizens of the same country, and only one of us [Read More...]

Matthew Vines v. Michael Brown: The Gay Christian Debate

Screenshot 2014-07-01 13.55.40

The other day Michael Brown agreed to debate Matthew Vines on the issue “can you be gay and still be a Christian?”. If you missed it, they’ve just put the full debate on YouTube, which you can find here below. I’ll present this without my own commentary and everyone can be free to watch, process, [Read More...]

Why American Christians Get So Angry When You Question Nationalism

Bible and Flag

Why do American Christians get so ridiculously angry when you question nationalism, or question how nationalism gets grafted into our faith? It seems like every time this question comes up, people get really angry– and get there quickly. Yesterday when I suggested that it was inappropriate to have nationalistic, pro-military worship services in Church– the [Read More...]