This morning I woke up from a massive migraine before the sun had even cracked the horizon– it felt what I remember hangovers feeling like years ago, but multiplied by ten. As the day goes on I realize I’m on the verge of a different kind of hangover: a vulnerability hangover. I didn’t know what one was until my friend Reba Riley used the term a while ago, but as the day wears on I’m keenly aware that I’m about to… Read more

No, we shouldn’t fear God– God is not some violent clown. Read more

Often when I’ve stumbled into a discussion about rape-culture, whether it be a general discussion or on a more specific sub-issue within that (including things such as: male entitlement, objectification of women, degrading of women, sexual harassment, general sexism, etc.), I’ve often caught myself having a recoil moment. That moment when I’d go from feeling like a cheerleader to feeling like I was the chief defendant? It happened every time I heard the term, “all men.” As soon as that term came… Read more

A guest post by World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns … I don’t know about you, but I can think of at least a dozen more interesting ways to spend my time than going to the doctor. I don’t enjoy check-ups, even though it’s the best way to stay healthy. Over the course of regular visits, my doctor notes irregularities and prescribes timely treatments so they don’t develop into something worse. Sometimes I hear about the opposite scenario: a friend who avoids… Read more

Please stop. Seriously, just stop saying that. Read more

I served. I sacrificed. And I’m not offended when people take a knee. Read more

How is it that your logic and expressed values completely go out the window the minute the flag comes out? Read more

President Trump said he’d “totally destroy” North Korea- an act that would kill 25 million people. Franklin Graham is praising the speech as “perhaps one of the best ever.” Read more

Is the Great Tribulation getting ready to kick off this weekend? Are we about to plunge into seven years of global chaos where all those left behind will be forced to take the mark of the beast or get beheaded? Well, that’s what one end-times predictor is warning the world. And I’ll admit, this end-times prediction is a little crazier than usual. An end-times “prophet” named David Meade is predicting not only that the Great Tribulation will kick off this… Read more

Being a Christian isn’t about following the Bible, it’s about following Jesus– and that shouldn’t be so controversial. Read more

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