We all know what people like John Piper think about women preaching and teaching the Bible from a church pulpit: That kind of thing is a boys only job. A follower recently asked him, “Should women be allowed to teach at seminary?” and I guess none of us were really surprised with his reply: That kind of thing is a boys only job. Personally, I don’t even know why a reader/listener of his would even ask the question– in 2015 he… Read more

During an interview the other day I was asked if progressive-minded Christians such as myself are hypocritical– if we are people who preach inclusion, while excluding some of our more conservative brothers and sisters. At first I agreed with the premise of his question… sort of. I believe we as Progressive Christians have blind spots, just as others do. Also like others, I believe that we (humans in general) often have a tendency to do the right thing in the wrong… Read more

A hallmark of being a conservative Christian is supposedly being “pro-life”. In the age of Trump and “nuke em’ all,” we of course know that the modern concept of being pro-life is a total farce– right along with the second hallmark of being a conservative Christian: The claim of being “pro-family.” Now, I think it’s important to note that “pro-family” never *really* meant pro-family to begin with– it was just a fancy dog whistle for “anti-gay,” and all of us in… Read more

Some Calvinists say doubting dishonors God, but does it? Read more

When a variety of evangelical arguments failed to morally justify support for Donald Trump in the past presidential election, their argument ultimately boiled down to this: “But, but, but… he’s pro-life.” On one hand, I get the argument. The question of “Who will best preserve and uphold life?” is a critical question to me. And while I have never for a second viewed Donald Trump as being anywhere near what I would call “pro-life”, evangelicals seem to be pretty happy– and… Read more

I was a child of the Religious Right. From my 777 “To Hell With The Devil” t-shirt, to reading Like Lambs to the Slaughter so I could explain to my English teacher how her guided “relaxation” technique was demonic, I was programmed well. I grew up and eventually became an adult in the Religious Right. I left Gospel tracts with my tip at restaurants, was the town chairman of the Republican party, and even had a bumper sticker that said “I… Read more

They say that Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year,” but in reality that isn’t true for everyone. Read more

Whether you’ve always known what e-mail was, rode your big-wheel in the street without a helmet, can remember seeing ET in the theater, or did time in ‘Nam, here are the 10 reasons why people from all generations leave church. Read more

When we first think about poverty in other countries around the world, some of the first images that come to mind tend to be mental images of poverty in warm climates such as Africa or India. However, cold-weather poverty is a unique reality in the world and presents its own set of challenges. While I grew up and live in an area that experiences bitter cold for a good portion of the year (shout-out to my fellow Maniacs), I’ve never… Read more

Ken Ham and his followers may think they’re defending Christianity and ensuring that our faith will be passed along to future generations, but the reality is they’re putting our children and grandchildren at risk of rejecting the faith entirely. I think what’s particularly tragic is that it doesn’t have to be this way; what Ken and those in the Young Earth Creationist movement have done is created a flimsy faith built on a house of cards. They have literally invested… Read more

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