God’s Double Agent

One of the men who has had the most influence on my life is the Chinese Christian Watchman Nee.

Nee’s books were so foundational in my spiritual life that I’ve added several of his best works to my Top 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written list.

Every serious Jesus follower should get these books by Nee.

That said, Angus Kinnear in his biography of Nee, Against the Tide, tells the remarkable story of Nee and how his ministry ended.

It ended with Nee being put into a communist prison for 20 years and with the communist party spreading horrible lies against Nee, making him out to be a wicked and immoral person. Sadly, some of the Christians of Nee’s day and afterward believed these slanderous allegations.

But those who knew and worked with Nee knew that he was one of the great Christians in church history . . . a spiritual giant who had extraordinary insight into Christ and God’s Eternal Purpose in Him.

Enter now a new book called God’s Double Agent by Bob Fu, a contemporary Chinese Christian.

It is reported that millions of Jesus followers must lead “double lives” to evade the Chinese government which still persecutes Christians. Fu’s story is interesting for anyone who wants a contemporary look at the situation in China.

Fu was a teacher in a school run by communists. At the same time he was also a minister an underground house church community.

God’s Double Agent rehearses Fu’s conversion to Christ. It details his arrest for starting a house church as well as his time in prison. It tells the story of his thrilling escape and how he came to the USA as a supporter of persecuted Christians in his country.

In the USA, genuine Christians only experience light persecution, mostly in the form of mocking and exclusion. Ironically, the real persecution comes from professing Christians in the form of slander and character assassinations.

But the persecution of Christians in other countries, including China, is much more physical. The book is inspiring and at times gripping. Fu’s escape to the West would make a great movie.

I’ve never heard of Fu until now. And am encouraged by his testimony of aiding his fellow brethren by being an advocate against oppression.

As far as style goes, the book reads easily like a work of story. Though it’s non fiction.

An interesting and inspiring read.

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  • Dikran Salbashian

    I grew up in the. Christian faith reading Watchman Nee’s books. Over the years I have neglected them. However, after reading your 100 Best Christian book list I went back and downloaded a few of his books. Thank you.

  • Taco Verhoef

    I would love this book

  • Priscilla Louise Galey

    I would like to read this book!