ReGrace: The Shocking Beliefs of the Great Theologians


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In November 2014, at the request of a well-known Christian leader whom I respect, I began a series called “Shocking Beliefs of [the Great Theologians] here on the Patheos blog network.

The series has but one objective. To call for grace, civility, and tolerance among Christians when they disagree with one another over doctrinal issues.

This point is made clear in the preface to each installment of the series as well as at the end of each post.

The title “shocking” is subjective. Some of the points in the series have been shocking, even stunning, to some Christians, while other points haven’t been.

You’ll also want to read the comment threads also as there are additional insights given there.

Due to popular demand, we are compiling the series into a book which will include new material and a chapter on Charles Spurgeon, etc. You can sign up to be notified when the book releases by clicking the banner below.

These posts will give you a taste of the book, which is all about extending grace to one another. Hence, “ReGrace.”

Shocking Beliefs of C.S. Lewis

Shocking Beliefs of Jonathan Edwards

Shocking Beliefs of John Wesley

Shocking Beliefs of John Calvin

Shocking Beliefs of D.L. Moody

Shocking Beliefs of Augustine

Shocking Beliefs of Martin Luther

Bonus 1: Honoring Those With Whom You Disagree (Whitefield on Wesley)

Bonus 2: Three Shocking Quotes by Billy Graham


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