Missing the NINES 2012

If you follow mainstream Christianity, you undoubtedly know about the Internet conference called the Nines.

Leadership network kindly invited me to speak at the Nines 2012, but the invitation came at a bad time. I was overwhelmed with a pending writing deadline and I was traveling and speaking at other events.

So I wasn’t able accept the invitation.

However, I didn’t feel so bad about declining after I heard that Len Sweet also declined the Nines 2012.

Among others, Kem Meyer, Ed Stetzer, Neil Cole, Scott Williams, and Phil Cooke spoke at this year’s Nines conference.

For those of you who told me that you wanted me to be there, here’s my contribution. It was uploaded to the Web last year sometime.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to listen to the entire talk for free or download it on iTunes.

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