The Left is Launching its Onslaught against Michele Bachmann

After doing its best to destroy Sarah Palin, the secular Left is coming hard after Michelle Bachmann (with a strong assist from the MSM).  In the Corner today, I discuss why:

Why the hate? The secular feminist world view was built around multiple destructive cultural lies: motherhood is a barrier to self-actualization, orthodox religion traps women unhappily in the home, and the only real path to power and happiness is exploding, not upholding, traditional religious values. Yet a mother of five (with 23 foster children), happily married in a Christian family, and who proudly espouses the very traditional values most repugnant to the academic feminist Left is a leading candidate for the most powerful office in the world. She is a living refutation of their foundational beliefs, and — like Sarah Palin — she must be destroyed.

Read the whole thing.

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