The Yawning Cultural Gap Between Military and Non-Military Families

My oldest daughter, the reigning president of Zion Christian Academy’s sixth grade, ran for president of her seventh-grade class the week that Osama bin Laden was killed.

Like any skilled leader, she adapted her message and quickly made a sign that incorporated the very big news of the week into her campaign slogan.

“You elected me president last year, and Osama bin Laden died. What will happen if you elect me again?”

She won the election and proudly represents her class on the student council, where she determines such things as whether to have “hippie day” or “superhero day” during Homecoming Spirit Week.

But I heard around town that some parents — one mother in particular — did not like her campaign-poster joke because she believed it celebrated death. In fact, there was so much handwringing over Osama’s death that many Christians — when discussing it — fell over themselves to make the point that we were happy — but not too happy — about the completion of this military objective.

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