Mitt Romney Being Actually Funny



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  • Lori Walker

    I’ve known for many years that Mitt is very funny and has a well developed funny bone. My sister is married to Ann’s brother, Jim. I was a bridesmaid and Mitt was Best Man at their wedding. As we stood together in the receiving line at the reception, he kept me in stitches all evening. But he is also very charming. One of the guests at the reception was the French mother of a friend. When she came through the line, Mitt engaged her in conversation in French and she was charmed and so pleased to be able to speak her native language with such a handsome young man.

    • Nancy French

      Oh my gosh, I bet she WAS charmed by that! I love your sister and Jim — Oddly, I’ve only talked to them on the phone, but they were very kind to me during David’s deployment and I count them as dear dear friends.