Mitt Romney, Michael Tomasky, and the Wimp Factor

Would you believe that this guy

is calling this guy

a wimp?

Really?  Well, it happened on the cover of this week’s Newsweek:

Ramesh Ponnuru over on National Review read the article so you didn’t have to.  Here’s his summary:

All the article tells you is Tomasky’s subjective impressions of various Romney moves, all of which are negative. Does Romney respond to attacks forcefully? That shows he’s overcompensating. Does he criticize the attacks and demand an apology? Wimpy. And so on…  Tomasky does offer Romney an out from all the double binds he’s created though: If Romney would attack conservatives, Tomasky would be willing to say he has guts.

The author of the hit piece was interviewed on CNN Starting Point, when Soledad O’Brien asked him about his piece:

TOMASKY:  The heart of the piece centers on the positions that he takes, the way that he has pandered so consistently on important, important issues, issues on much we’d like to see our politicians have some kind of consistency, some kind of backbone.  He’s repeatedly just changed positions completely and pandered totally to the right wing.  When Rush Limbaugh says, “Jump,” he says, “How high?”  I think it’s a fair question to ask, is this the kind of person that we want to see in the White House?

Rush Limbaugh complete comes to Gov. Romney’s defense by pointing out the they used the same tactic against George Bush.

And frankly, he resents being brought into it.  He spoke about it on his radio show:

How lame is this?  You people can’t fool us.  You people at Newsweek are pathetic.  You recycle something from 1987.  It’s just a theme.  You guys have your playbook.  It’s divided by years. You think enough years have gone by. You had a cover back in 1987: George H. W. Bush, “wimp.” Let’s go forward to 2012: Mitt Romney, “wimp.”  And because when I say “Jump,” he asks “How high?”  Let me tell you what this is, folks.  This is an attempt by Newsweek to soften you up.  This is not aimed at Democrat voters.  This is aimed at you, Romney, the flip-flopper.  And the reason they’re doing this is because Romney is being profoundly successful in refuting and keeping alive Obama’s idiocy.  “You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen. You didn’t do that.” 

That got really under their skin.  So now it’s time to go after Romney.  But to throw me in here.  I’ve never called Romney, and I’ve never said “jump.”  Not yet.  I haven’t done that.  But this is all part of the plan.  Calling Romney a wimp is aimed at suppressing the white blue-collar vote.  Blue-collar voters hate wimps.  You know, the working white voters that Obama has abandoned, and now whose votes they’re trying to suppress, this is all about trying to make those people think that Romney is a wuss.  That’s why they’re getting Clinton to go to the convention, get some gravitas and to also try to suppress the working white vote that is abandoning Obama.

Rush is right. Blue collar voters aren’t going to be convinced by Tomasky’s article.  After all, Americans can see that Tomasky is, in fact, the one who lacks the intellectual and moral courage to challenge the President on the real issues facing America.

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