This Week in Tampa: They Said It Couldn’t Happen

With the hurricane threatening and the delayed schedule, David and I decided to drive to Tampa.  We love a good road trip – wanting to try out the Sirius radio and our new (to us) Honda Pilot, as well as conversation!  There’s simply no way we were going to face a possible hurricane evacuation and have to depend on public transportation or GOP convention buses.

The walk through the garage, still full of old Evangelicals for Mitt gear, was a walk through memory lane.  There was the old “Romney” hat that had the “O” as the center of the Tennessee flag which we wore at the 2006 Southern Republican Leadership Conference.  Remember that? When Southerners in Memphis, of all places, voted “the Yankee Governor with Southern Values” second in the first Presidential Straw Poll for 2008.  Then, there are the gigantic piggy bank-inspired signs (which the New York Times featured) from the 2010 SRLC, when Mitt came in first in New Orleans.  Of course, I found a couple of “Evangelicals for Mitt” buttons from the Values Voters Conference.  (Our least favorite conference, because I was shouted down in the elevator by the misguided Huckabee supporter and later kicked out of the conference.  Good times.)  And, of course, there were the Mitt buttons from CPAC.  To be completely honest, I got a little teary as I walked to the garage to the car on our way to the conference where Gov. Romney will officially be named the standard bearer for conservative values.

Anyway, we had a nice drive, reminiscing about old times. People told David and me– at every step of the way since 2006 – that Mitt would never be able to secure the nomination, that evangelicals would never support him.

Then, how surprised we arrived and were welcomed by the hotel flying the Tennessee flag in honor of our delegation!

This week, I’m going to wear one of those old dusty hats and a big rectangular button.  I’m going plan to wear them proudly when we cast our vote for “the Yankee governor with Southern values.”  We also hope to reunite with the original Evangelicals for Mitt group.  (Charles, we’ll have a drink in your honor.)

Anyway, congratulations, Gov. Romney.  And thanks to all of our loyal readers who’ve been here every step of the way. You are more than just anonymous comments under blog posts.  We’re so proud to call you friends.

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  • Deg

    I have been following your blog since 2006, your work did touch my life as I’m sure it touched thousands of others. I’m thankful for good minded people like your family. You set the example so high for both Evangelicals and Mormons as well. Thank you for your efforts.

    • Nancy French

      Dear Deg,

      Thanks!! I appreciate you “long termers” so much — I guess I’m just emotional, but it’s FINALLY happening!!

      Love you guys!

  • Robin Spencer

    I am one of the old-timers, too. I am so grateful for everyone at Evangelicals for Mitt and their untiring, many-yeared efforts to help bring so many people together to support Mitt. I asked for, and received permission to use the piggy bank icons on my facebook page. As a matter of fact, right now my profile pic sports a piggy bank with a construction hat on, and the caption underneath “Job-Creation is a moral issue”.

    • Nancy

      YAY! That is awesome. I was so proud of those ads!!


      Thanks for the note, and for sticking with us!

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  • http://facebook bettie gobble


    • Nancy

      Oh it was a terrible conference! :) But, yes, at least I have that badge of honor that I was removed. LOL

  • Linda

    We are proud of all you have accomplished!

    • Nancy French

      Thanks, Linda! Go, Mitt!

  • Jesus Morales

    Congrats, y’all definitely eased my doubts about supporting Romney. Have fun at the convention.

  • Terry

    Yes…it’s finally happening! For me, and remembering my disappointment when Mitt wisely and graciously exited the race in 2008, this is an especially sweet moment. In hind sight, I believe that had Mitt won the nomination back then, he would not have been successful in the general election. Personal opinion, but I see the hand of providence at work here. Obama had reached the status of rock star in 2008, and it’s taken 4 years under his disastrous leadership for a lot of people to wake up and realize that we need a change–not the change Obama promised–but a change from Obama himself. I consider Mitt’s first run as a training run, if you will. And now it’s time for Obama to step aside and let someone who knows what he is doing take leadership of the country. I firmly believe that Mitt will go down as one of the great presidents of our time (and I don’t say that lightly or just because he’s Mormon, as am I). Mitt’s life experiences and the positions he has occupied have uniquely prepared him to take the reigns of this country at a time when qualified leadership is so desperately needed.

    Thank you, David, Nancy, Charles, and all you other EFM’ers for playing a part in making this happen. You have proven that we can lay our theological differences aside, and as AMERICANS, unite together in a righteous common cause.

    God bless America and Mitt Romney!