CNN Claims “Jihad” Means “Self Improvement”

David, what do you think of this? You might wanna sit down.

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  • Jeremy Forbing

    Per the BBC World Service (, jihad is an Arabic noun meaning “struggle.” There are three forms of jihad:
    1. A believer’s internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible
    2. The struggle to build a good Muslim society
    3. Holy war: the struggle to defend Islam, with force if necessary
    Holy war is absolutely part of the definition of jihad, but it is not the entirety of it. So Erin Burnett’s statement is at least fairly debatable.
    Simplifying the politics of Israelis and Palestinians into a distinct choice between civilization and savagery is also fairly debatable.

  • Craig

    Abrahamic religions are curious that way. They also teach that the attempt at certain child sacrifice meant a supremely virtuous act of faith. Maybe they’re all idiots?

    • Ron

      Islam is NOT an Abrahamic religion. Ishmael, the illegitimate son of Hagar, his servant, was NOT a Muslim because there was no Islam. Mohammed was not a descendant of Ishmael. Ishmaelite tribes, especially the tribe of Nebaioth from which, according to Ibn Ishak, Mohammed is said to have come, were nomadic tribes who lived in the Sinai and Fertile Crescent deserts. These tribes disappeared after the 7th century B.C. Mohammed’s family was a Sabaean Yemeni family, while the Ishmaelites, who lived in the deserts of the Fertile Crescent, became extinct many centuries before Mohammed’s family left Yemen.
      Mohammed created his own genealogy regarding his ancestors and none were further back in time than about 630 years, maximum.

      Ishmael lived in 2050 BCE and there is zero proof that the ancestors of Mohammed were the descendants of Ishmael. So, when Muslims falsely claim Abraham as their patriarch, they also falsely claim that he was going to sacrifice Ishmael, not Isaac.

      The only “idiot” in your comment is the one making the comment. The Jewish Scriptures are most definitely NOT intended to be taken literally for everything written in them. There are parts that require no interpretation, such as the Ten Commandments. There are other parts that are mixtures of literal, cultural, situational, and metaphorical interpretation. Some parts are strictly metaphorical while others can have many meanings depending on their usage. It is the reason why the Torah has many direct applications of its passages to modern life.

      Nobody is stoned to death like is done in Islamic societies, and, in reality, very few people in 3,300 years of Jewish history were ever stoned to death for their crimes. The worst punishment was being cut off from your own people.

      Jews who study the Torah, more or less from cover to cover every year, find new ways of understanding passages they have read dozens or hundreds of times before.

      Strictly literal interpretations are actually a hallmark of liberal thinking, but only if it lets them win a debate with conservatives. On other occassions, they will stretch the truth to where it no longer resembles the truth. Obama’s Press Secretary has mastered the art of obfuscation – making up “reasonable-sounding” excuses for distorting the truth.

  • Lucinda Craven

    Erin really showed her ignorance and arrogance!

  • SMS

    Apparently people are not able to read. Why is Erin an idiot? One of the meanings of Jihad is clearly an internal struggle to live in complete faith. It is a well-known fact to people who know at least a little about Islam. What are the credentials of the commenters here?

  • Holly Fielding

    It is the third definition of “jihad” that the ads are referring to and clearly the most important definition to pay attention to if you are in its sights, being the one the jihadist’s want to destroy. Those who practice this definition of jihad to the point of beheadings and killings and bombings of innocent victims cannot be interpreted to be anything other than savage people. I honestly believe that there are many peaceful, good Muslims who do not espouse the radical faction that uses “jihad” as an excuse to carry out savage acts. I also do not think that those who choose to carry out those acts should be allowed to hide behind their religion. It is never right to do so, no matter what religion it is. Anyone who commits acts of savagery is a savage and should be recognized as such. Erin cannot be ignorant of this, but her job is probably dependent on her ability to silence people such as Pam, conservatives who believe in calling a spade a spade.