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  • Essence

    Hey, my name is essence and i am an african american young lady (17). I understand what your feeling and i know this is an old post but i felt the need to comment. i wear my hair natural and have been for only about 2 years and a half now. my hair has grown and ive done different and practiced styles and different things and i know In my discussion with other black people i can tell you that in my opinion the average black woman does not know how to take care of their natural hair either. Even some with natural hair don’t know what to do with it and damage their hair. The fact is the knowledge of our hair is something that has lost in our community (with all the weaves and perms and such) and we are just now really getting back to it. there are plenty of woman who couldnt even do the work that you did (me for instance, im bad with doing braids, i have clumsy hands so i prefer twists and clean fros. Their easier for me :P ) which is why they bring them to shops and such all the time. when i look in the picture i could tell your childs hair is healthy and growing well and thats more than you can say for some other who just want their childs hair to look good and put extensions and perms into their hair by the age of 7. some children at a young age do tho their parents not giving their hair a break, end up with terrible hairlines and damages hair from that alone. Your doing well, and everything takes time and im glad that you are putting in the work to know your daughter and to think about what she needs as being your child and as a black young lady. keep putting in work, i appreciate you. :)

  • Nancy French

    Thank you so much for the note!! You made some great points!