The Mitt Romney Rout

These liberal tweets say it all (hat tip, Eliana Johnson).  It was a rout.  In my pre-debate, post-debate assessment I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I said that Mitt would win, but it would be close.  It was a rout.  I said that Obama would be eloquent on defense.  He was petulant and irritable.  I said the debate wouldn’t be sufficiently substantive.  It was almost all substance.  Finally, I said the debate wouldn’t move the polling needle, but the snap polls are very promising.

I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.

I’ve been around Mitt in many, many small group settings and have told countless people some variation of the following: “You should see him when he really gets rolling on policy and ideas — the man knows what he’s talking about and is ready to lead.”  The Mitt Romney on the podium tonight is the Mitt Romney that I’ve  seen in these settings; firm but friendly and utterly in command of the facts.

On a more personal note, just before the debate Nancy and I prayed that the outcome would be so clear that the results literally could not be spun.  Re-read the tweets above — it looks like the truth is penetrating in the most unlikely places.


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