JetBlue Will Fly Upset Voters Out of the Country

Every so often in conversation, I’ll hear something like this:

“If Mitt Romney doesn’t win, I’m moving out of the country.”

Or, “If Obama doesn’t win, I’m leaving!”

According to ABC, airline JetBlue is now making it easy for those people!

“On November 6th, America will elect the next U.S. president,” the airline says on their Election Protection website. “If things don’t go your way, don’t worry. Here’s your chance to get a free flight out of the country with JetBlue. Participate in our election protection poll to enter. And remember if you change your mind you can always come back. Or not. It’s a free country.”


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  • Donalbain

    If Romney wins, it makes sense for people to the left of him to leave. There are lots of countries with more left wing policies than the USA, from Israel to Australia by way of Norway. But where exactly would upset right wing Americans go that would make them feel happier?

    • jatheist

      Donalbain asked: “But where exactly would upset right wing Americans go that would make them feel happier?”

      They seem to want a theocracy… so perhaps Saudi Arabia or Iran? All religions are basically the same (and wrong) so why not? ;)

      • Donalbain

        Remember Rush Limbaugh? He said that if Obamacare passed, he would flee America and go to Costa Rica which has actual socialised medicine!

        • jatheist

          I remember Donalbain!

          (sarcasm on) I still can’t believe he lied about that! (sarcasm off)

  • anchan

    Ha, ha, ha. You guys (fellow commenters) are so funny. Actually, I believe Rush was talking about the health care that people go to Costa Rica and PAY FOR THEMSELVES. Not the socialized medicine that the government in Costa Rica provides to its citizens.

    I have lived nearly three years in Japan–and not anywhere near a military base. While I was there, some pro-socialized healthcare advocate wrote an article about how wonderful the healthcare is in Japan. After it was printed in the local English newspaper, this advocate was invited by a fellow American to come to Japan and have an operation and stay in a Japanese hospital. While your chances of surviving in Japan are pretty good, Japanese do not get to select their own doctors to perform the surgery, and I’m not sure they get to select their own hospitals, either.

    I taught in some of their hospitals, and they were dirty and had cockroaches everywhere. If you can choose your own doctors, you should be able to do well, assuming you know who to ask for; however, it is quite the lottery for the Japanese people. Socialized medicine is just not as great as some of you people think it is.